As this week is continuously in the mid to high twenties, it's important to remember that fire conditions are at a dangerously high level due to the lack of accompanying rain for the heat.

Louis Cherpin, the fire chief of the RM of Swift Current Fire Department, says the fire risk situation is something they continually monitor.

"There have been some pockets of good moisture in our area, but we've been dry for three years," cautioned Cherpin. "The conditions are favourable for wildland fires."

The Saskatchewan government released its wildfire forecast and is calling for yet another year of extreme caution for most of the province.

"There's no fire bans in any fact, but that could come on in short notice," warned Cherpin. "The dryness out there in the parks and rural areas, it's not extreme yet, but you know, in a moment it can get there with the winds up."

Campers are encouraged to use discretion with their fires, making sure to have water or other fire suppressants ready in case the fire spreads beyond the intended fire pit.

"Coming into park season and camping, we are making sure that everybody out there that are camping is using extreme caution," reenforced Cherpin.