A new partnership has bloomed in Gull Lake. 

The news was broken last Saturday during the fundraising event held by the Lyceum Theatre that Southwest Terminal (SWT) will be their naming rights sponsor.
This means that from now on, it will be known as the Southwest Terminal Lyceum Theatre.
Revealing that news on stage was Jeff Kirwan, crop inputs manager from SWT, joined by staff members of the theatre.
"Southwest Terminal has been in the community since 1997," said Kirwan. "So when the opportunity to join up with the theatre came up, we thought it was good." 
This development is huge for Cole Girodat, the SWT Lyceum Theatre's general manager.
"Our fundraising goal in total is $270,000, which we are getting reasonably close to completing at this point," said Girodat.
The funds generated by the naming rights purchase will be going towards the SWT Lyceum Theatre's modernization project, which is set to begin this fall. They are currently generating money for the construction costs, with that goal of $270,000 in mind.
"The current Lyceum Theatre was built in 1978," said Girodat. "We haven't had any upgrades really through the years, so we're looking to modernize the lobby, the concession, the bathrooms, the box office, all those things for this project. It's just going to be a much wider, open, and welcoming space."
Currently, the total amount SWT paid for the naming rights has yet to be disclosed. Girodat did mention that it did bring them much closer to their goal.
If anyone would like to know more about the modernization project, they are welcome to head over to the SWT Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake. Girodat welcomes anyone who wants to speak with himself or any other SWT Lyceum Theatre members about how the project is going, how to contribute, or how it will improve the facilities.0000