Southwestern Saskatchewan has finally begun to receive some much-needed precipitation.

Parts of the region collected sporadic showers throughout the weekend and even Monday night.

Swift Current's weather station recorded about 5 millimetres between the trio of days.

"I guess any moisture helps at this point in time," Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang said. "Moreso what it helps is bring the humidity up some and a little rain to the parched land. It helps with the whole grass fire situation. I think more rain is needed."

The southwest is currently listed in extreme fire danger according to Natural Resources Canada. Two grass fires popped up last week, one near Wymark and one that Gull Lake Fire & Rescue responded to.

"They can happen so fast, it doesn't take much," she said. "A cigarette butt or even a train can spark a grass fire when it's that dry and that warm." 

More rain could be on its way over the next 24 hours but amounts aren't expected to be very noteworthy.

"Again it's just those showers, so we know that's a hit-and-miss type of situation," she said. "Either you get it or you don't or your neighbour gets it. Nothing really wide-spread."

Warm and dry conditions intrude the southwest starting Friday and are expected to stick around for a while.

"May is forecasted to be warmer than average and below average precipitation," she said.