While the snow came in a hurry, the City of Swift Current was ready and waiting. 

This year's first snow didn't take the road crews in Swift Current by surprise, as they had everything ready to go. They were out, clearing roadways, and ensuring that Swift Current had safe roads, even with all the ice. 

Helping oversee everyone and ensuring that everything was prepared and operating was Greg Parsons, general manager of infrastructure for the City of Swift Current. 

"It was more about the sanding trucks trying to get all the intersections covered," said Parsons. "As the traffic was increasing throughout the day."

The City recently finished a request for proposal (RFP) which secured a mix of sand and salt to be used this winter. This comes out of the budget, which began back in January to deal with the 2023 snow. That budget is now in its back half but looks to be holding up well.

"I don't have exact numbers right off the top of my head," said Parsons. "Typically through November, we don't get huge amounts of snowfall unless it's some big storm rolling through."

Parsons confirmed that a Light and Power crew did indeed have to replace at least one power pole yesterday after a semi-truck and trailer slid into one off the 11th Avenue Northwest on-ramp to the Trans-Canada Highway. 

For now, the City of Swift Current seems well-equipped to handle the ice and snow. 


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