Loss of a Champion.

I love you here.  I love you there.  I will love you everywhere!!

On October 24, 2022, Reesa Loretta Brotherton passed away at the age of 69 in Foyer St. Joseph Nursing Home in Ponteix, Saskatchewan, not far from Vanguard, Saskatchewan where she resided with her sweetie William.  Reesa represented many things to many people.  A mother, spouse, friend, companion, advisor, editor, published author.  Reesa was a deeply sensitive woman who possessed profound insight into the character and intentions of others while she worked her way through the secrets, lies and pain that haunted her life.  Reesa was born on Grand Manan Island, New Brunswick and as an infant, unceremoniously taken to Montreal, Quebec to spend the first ten years of her life brought up in an affluent Jewish family.  Then at the age of ten, upon the death of her "daddy," she was without explanation not allowed to attend his funeral and taken on a train destined for New Brunswick, back to the poverty-stricken environment of her family of origin.  That degree of culture shock, the teasing, criticism, mockery directed at her because she spoke differently and came wearing clothes far beyond the affordability of family members and the locals, planted the seeds of life-long emotional and spiritual torment undermining her self-esteem and sense of identity as she grew on into life, marriage, children, divorce, a devastating flood and geographical moves.  She struggled to maintain equilibrium attempting to balance her past and present.  Writing became a therapeutic companion helping her cope through the long journey of psychiatric drugs and fight off nagging hurtful messages and events of her childhood.  Reesa loved and adored her Grandsons.  She would be perfectly content to watch Ian and Philip play and show off for Grandma.  A lover of animals, it was not uncommon to discover Reesa had rescued a cat (or several).  Reesa was predeceased by siblings Daphne Foote, Hannah Mullen, Clarence Guthrie, parents and other family members.   Reesa is survived by William Coombes (spouse), Michael Brotherton (son), Joanne Rubis Brotherton (daughter-in-law), Philip Rubis Brotherton (grandson), Cheri Lynn Mayes (daughter), Mark Mayes (son-in-law), Ian Mayes (grandson), Phil Brotherton (first husband).  Reesa is also survived by siblings Mark Guthrie, Sterling Mercier, Eric Guthrie and many nieces and nephews.  A champion for the underdog, an honest communicator, a "Dark Horse" among Canadian authors, Reesa Steinman Brotherton is greatly missed and loved.  Arrangements entrusted to Warren's Funeral Home. For further information please call 1-306-773-8831 or 1-800-267-6606, or visit our website at www.warrensfuneralhome.com and express your sympathy to family members on the tribute wall.