Tuesday's warmer temperatures and rain mixed with freezing rain wreaked havoc on the road travels of many across the southwest. 

Jacqueline Hobbs was travelling with her boyfriend from Saskatoon to Gull Lake and details how their travel plans were delayed. 

"Elrose very quickly became a sheet of ice. My boyfriend who is a very seasoned driver was saying it could be fun getting up the hill at the Landing and we came around the corner and there was a semi that had clearly slid from the northbound lane into the southbound ditch. And I think they were just trying to make a turn and they just didn't quite make it."

Hobbs adds that the semi was blocking the southbound lane and there were multiple vehicles already pulled over. 

She explains how they tried to continue with their travels. 

"We tried to slowly go around and all we did was slide sideways into the edge of the ditch in between two cars just barely. Here we have been sitting, piled up. A sand truck was coming up the hill, it ended up sideways going northbound for awhile. It's now managed to make it's way back up and has just sanded beside us."

In addition, Hobbs said they were stopped right at a grid and there was another semi trying to get on to the highway who had slid slideways and was on a diagonal on the grid with multiple other vehicles on an angle from when they had tried to stop. 

As far as she could see, Hobbs said there had not been any collisions but there were dozens of vehicles pulled over on the side of the road going both directions. 

When Swift Current Online spoke with Hobbs she was still stalled on the side of the road due to the semi blocking traffic.

She eventually made it to Gull Lake around 5pm.