A helium company in Climax announced some big news last month when it signed an agreement with a major North American space launch company, but things have been quiet since. 

Andrew Davidson, President and CEO of Royal Helium, said the process of using their product to send rockets into space will start in spring. 

However, Davidson travelled to Swift Current a couple of days after announcing the big contract to meet with local MLAs and City representatives, and discuss developing a helium refining hub in the area in the meantime.  

At a Governance & Priorities Committee Meeting for the City of Swift Current held last Tuesday, Mayor Al Bridal and Councillor Tom Christiansen touched briefly on the subject. 

“I just heard [Royal Helium] signed a trucking contract with a group out of Consul,” Christiansen said. “They’re moving their helium to Colorado and to California, when it should be moving here, to Swift Current.”  

Bridal assured the council that the southern helium company is currently looking for somewhere to liquify its product in the Swift Current area. 

“The meeting [with Royal Helium] went very well,” Bridal said. “They’ve asked us to look around Swift Current for some land; they have a couple of requirements. We’re going to be getting back to Royal Helium, but that’s about all I can tell you so far.”