One lucky Saskatchewan resident has channelled some extra luck and won herself over $100,000.

This money comes to her from the Airbnb OMG Fund Contest, which grants Melissa Williamson the money that she will be using to build her winning idea for an Airbnb styled after an old television.  

The vintage T.V will be a smaller cabin at Lac Pelletier, constructed on the shore with the screen facing the water.

"Ultimately it's going to allow people to live inside a vintage T.V and their view will be out the tube of the TV, with a full-on view of the lake," explained Williamson. "Or you could be sitting next to the lake in front of the T.V, looking in on the people inside."

Williamson was inspired to the idea after she and her friends were at a campfire when they noticed they could see their other companions inside their cabin through a window.

"We started looking into his cabin that had a big picture window and with the lights on in the cabin it just really lit it up and so we started voicing as if the people in the kitchen were characters," retold Williamson. "Then we started doing improv skits for the people around the fire and it was just so much fun. I thought 'Huh, what if I made something that was more like that, that was really for that."

After drawing up the idea, she entered the Airbnb OMG Fund Contest, where she was selected as a winner. Her prize money will be coming to her in three installments, which she will use to hire contractors, materials, and finishings for the project. 

"We get our first paycheck in December, so there's a lot of logistics that I still need to do," Williamson addressed. "Like exactly where am I going to build it exactly? Who are my contractors going to be and exactly how am I going to get the rest of the funding?"

While the prize money will help foot the bill of the build, there will still be some extraneous costs that come along with the project. 

Williamson will be looking to local industries during the build, intending to add a wonderfully unique and fun piece of architecture to the Lac Pelletier coast.

"I'm really excited that I get to build a place on the lake 'cause that's the other thing I love doing," shared Williamson. "I love going around in the boat. I love looking at all of the houses and marvelling at the different ones. I'm not going to be the biggest or grandest, but I'm going to have a cute small little house  that's going to be charming."