Health Canada announced that they would be reversing their earlier decision to put labels on ground meats concerning staurated fat.

The move was condemned by agricultural organizations, as they believed the change would put undue strain on the industry.

A "Don't Label My Beef" campaign was launched, and it along with other advocacy methods eventually led to the reversal.

The change represented a key reason for many agricultural organizations to exist, says Saskatchewan Cattlemans Association CEO, Scott Ryder.

"The process that goes on in Canada to make regulations and laws allows for consultation, and that's why groups like SCA  and CCA, and a bunch of others exist is to be there on behalf of producers and say 'hey, hold on a second, have you considered this' or 'the effect on this is going to be that' or 'nobody else is doing it this way"

Multiple organizations displayed their approval of the decision in a release on Thursday after Health Canada said it would be exempting ground beef and pork.

That was issued by the Canadian Cattlemen's Association, Canadian Meat Council, Canadian Pork Council, and National Cattle Feeders' Association.

Garner Deobold, the president of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, says he's also glad to see the products avoid the labeling.

"It was a common-sense decision I think, it's something that, you know, we didn't need any labeling like that. Single-ingredient products are safe and have been, and always will be."