A couple of firefighters from Shaunavon were red hot in global competition recently.

Both Corey Gulaga and Riley Malone took part in both FireFit Worlds and Canadian National Championships from September 7 to 11.

Gulaga managed to place third in FireFit Nationals chiefs division, while they both took home the silver in the relay segment at Worlds.

Fire Chief for the Shaunavon Fire Department, Merrick Goldstein, has nothing but praise for these fine examples of Canadian firefighters.

"It was a bit of a shocker," said Goldstein in regards to the wins. "Very proud of the boys for putting in the effort."

Riley Malone and Corey GulagaRiley Malone and Corey Gulaga.

In the community in and around Shaunavon, these two have generated quite a buzz for the 1,784-strong population.

"I think it's a big deal," said Goldstein. "I mean, a small volunteer fire department like us, you don't really expect to be competing with the career guys that have been at that level, so they really kicked some butt."

Goldstein was also quick to praise both Gulaga and Malone for their work as volunteer firefighters. Their level of service demanded an equal amount of praise as their stunning victories in competition.

"They've been very, very active members and I really appreciate them," said Goldstein. "Them and all our firefighters that we have down here. We got an excellent group here."