Today is the first actual dose of spring for 2023, with sunny skies and a high of plus three. 

But it won't be a permanent change, as the forecast for the rest of the month and into April is calling for cooler conditions to persist. 

Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang, is a little jealous of the southwest for getting warm weather during these persistent arctic air fronts. 

"For most of Saskatchewan, you guys in the southwest tend to be a bit warmer than the rest of us," shared Lang. "We're kind of jealous that you do get the benefit of the Chinooks coming off the mountains, and you do get a little extra warmth that comes off of the higher terrain to your southwest, like the Cypress hills and out towards the US border, when the winds are just right."

While this brief respite of warmth is welcome, it won't last long. The arctic air is stubbornly clinging to the prairies, causing the emerging warmth coming from the south and sunlight to mingle and create middling conditions on the cooler side of the thermometer. 

"The month of April's forecast looks to be below average temperature-wise, with no pattern concerning precipitation," said Lang. "But we know that we can get some heavy snows in April. We have to keep an eye out for that. The seasonal forecast for March, April, and May, is forecast to be below average as well."

So while there will be days like today when the sun breaks through and offers a respite, expect cooler conditions to persist for most of spring 2023.