Families of all ages gathered at the Stockade yesterday morning for the first Family Festival in Swift Current. 

The event, which was hosted by the City of Swift Current’s Tots Play Program in conjunction with Family Fun Week, featured games, face painting, crafts, and more. 

Val Choofoo, In Motion community facilitator, explained that while Family Fun Week is not new to the community, this is the first time a festival has been included in the plans. 

“It's kind of promoting all different fun activities for families to do during the February school break, and this year, we kind of decided to do something different with a festival,” she elaborated. “So, because there's no school, it's all different ages coming up here at the stockade from 9:00 a.m. till 12:00 p.m.” 

The event garnered a welcome response from the community, with many families making their way to the stockade for the festivities. 

“I do believe there is something there about families just loving the fact that we can get out and celebrate and have fun together,” she stated. “Also, when there isn't school on, we're always looking for something different to do. So, to come indoors and have fun and bouncy houses or just play with your friends, have a snack, or play some cards.  

“We're very excited by the response that we've had, I think it's telling us that these are events that we definitely could hold, and families and the Community will respond positively.” 

Laura Beddome, executive director at The Early Years Family Resource Centre, one of the partners for the event, added that being a part of these events is incredibly rewarding. 

“It's great to be a part of events that give families an opportunity to get out and play and support the growth and development of our little people and everyone having a wonderful time,” she stated. 

Admission for the event was three dollars per family. 

Attendees were also surprised with a visit from Charlie Horse and members of the Swift Current Broncos.