The weather seems to have finally given Taillight Tuesday its blessing, as yesterday's event had a massive turnout. 

Over 120 cars made it out to the Living Sky Casino as the weekly Rogue Cruisers car show drew out the restored, the original, and the completely homemade. 

In attendance yet again for the Swift Current SPCA was Ashley Muhle. She was taking donations on behalf of the animals, which at this time are in desperate need of food. 

"We still have quite a few puppies and we've got lots of kittens," said Muhle. "We are actually full on kittens."

Muhle was very grateful for the generous support the SPCA was getting as people stopped by to pet the dogs she had brought out with her. 

"Lots of people have been coming and donating either cash or items, so it's been awesome tonight," said Muhle. 

The organizer of the evening's parking lot promenade in and amongst all the cars was Dustin Vipond, co-founder of the Rogue Cruisers. For him, the continued evolution and growth of this free event have inspired him to continue to grow it and push it to evolve further. 

"A guy gets a little bit burnt out and tired, but when you see results like that, you can't help but stay excited and keep innovating, said Vipond. "[The Rogue Cruisers] want to keep the excitement going. "

Vipond asks that if people do want to help them keep the event going for free, to keep coming out with their projects. It's all the interesting cars and people that drive them that give him the energy to find new ways to make it fun for folks. 

"There's just so much new stuff that shows up and I have no idea where it all comes from," said Vipond. "But I love it."

Anyone who doesn't want to donate cash or food can find a full list of items required by the SPCA on its own social media and website, as well as that of the Rogue Cruisers.