Thirty years is a long time for any function to persist, and the Swift Current Wildlife Federation is excited to celebrate that milestone this weekend for one of its key events.

The event in question is the annual Swift Current Wildlife Federation Fundraiser Banquet, which will be sold out during its tricennial rendition.

Kyla Thomason, the chairperson for the Swift Current Wildlife Federations Fundraising Committee, is excited to help put on the banquet during this milestone.

"We have an auction that we've been doing at the Legion for as long as I can remember," said Thomason. "It's just an event where we bring a lot of people together that enjoy hunting, fishing and conservation. It helps raise some money for some of the programs that we have locally."

Some of the events that the banquet helps to fund include a firearms safety class, infrastructure projects like the Duncairn Dam boat launch they installed many moons ago, a pheasant rearing program, and stocking the Burnett Recreational Site with fish, sending local kids to camp, and even some of it going into land management and enhancements.

"We also have a FINS program, which is fish in school so kids can learn about the hatching of the eggs and help fish grow."

Being sold out, there is no more room for folks who haven't already got their ticket.

"We hope a lot of them come out this weekend," shared Thomason. "It's a good feeling to have, knowing that there's that many people in the community that feel as great about this as the committee does."