Today at 1 p.m, there will be some fast feet over at the Swift Current Fire Department.

And not because of a fire call, but for Walk, Wheel, Run, by SaskAbilities.

Folks are invited to head over shortly before the event begins to the Swift Current Fire Department, where participants will be able to make their way around the fire hall property for a few laps together.

"It should be a good group of folks," said Chris Martens, community relations coordinator for SaskAbilities. "They're going for a nice little jaunt around the fire hall a few times to do a little something for Walk, Wheel, Run."

The event came together at the last minute, and as of yet doesn't have an official name.

"If you want to call it anything, call it the 'First Responders Runaround'," said Martens. "It's going to have all the first responders there."

More than just firefighters, EMS and RCMP officers will also be in attendance for the runaround. They will be out to support everyone from SaskAbilities who shows up for the event, walking along with them, or perhaps even jogging alongside those who want to keep their heart rate high.

Connor Keys, Swift Current Fire Fighter, will be participating in the event.Connor Keys, Swift Current Fire Fighter, will be participating in the event.

This won't be the only event taking place for Walk, Wheel, Run today. There will also be another event taking place with the members from Scotiabank.

"They'll just be hanging out and our friends from Partners in Employment are going to be joining them as well to go for a little bit of walk around the bank," said Martens.

SaskAbilities plans to end the day by taking their members out for the Broncos home opener afterwards, capping off an excellent day of activities.

Walk, Wheel, Run is an event that originated during the pandemic to encourage people to fundraise on their own in any way they can. Individuals or groups would organize their routes to take, for walks, runs, or even wheels.

Due to its popularity, the event has continued even after pandemic restrictions have been lifted. Everyone is of course still welcome to do their fundraising any way they can.

"[People] can also donate if they feel they want to," said Martens. "If someone wants to sign up or register their Walk, Wheel, Run, all of it can be done by heading to, where you can register or donate."