This weekend looks like the southwest will get some moisture, if only a little. 

The forecast for the coming weeks doesn't boast much for moisture, but Saturday could see some relief from the heat, as a possible 10 mm of rain is in the forecast.

Delivering that forecast for Environment and Climate Change Canada is Meteorologist Terri Lang. 

"It's better than nothing," said Lang. "If anything, it will bring some cooler and wetter, more humid air to the region just because it's been so hot and dry."

Even if the rain doesn't come, the temperature is expected to drop to the mid-teens for the day. That should offer a bit of recovery for the prairie, which has already seen fires in the dry heat this past week. 

Going ahead, those conditions will return for next week. 

"We're seeing the upper ridge, which is bringing us warm and dry weather, rebuilding into next week," shared Lang. "The rain on the weekend will be a reprieve, but it's probably not as much moisture as everybody would like."

Even if the weather only drops in some humidity instead of rain this weekend, the moisture will go a long way to helping stave off drought-like conditions. As it currently stands, the risk of grass fires starting off of hot farm equipment, people flicking cigarette butts out the window, or even igniting from passing vehicles is high. 

If folks see smoke or flames, they should immediately call 911 and report the location of the fire. Even a generalized location can help prevent the total loss of surrounding farmland.