It appears Saskatchewan might be charting two completely different trails when it comes to fall and winter weather this year.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is predicting a warmer than normal fall with near normal precipitation.

Swift Current's average temperature in September through the first two weeks backs that guess up, sitting at 18.1 C.

"September, in particular, looks quite warm, and then as we get into October it's still warmer than normal but less so," said Environment and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Sara Hoffman. "Then in November we turn into normal, so overall, we will have a warmer than normal fall." 

Thunderstorms seem like a thing of the past for the southwest with precipitation clouds not being strong enough this time of year. however, showers are on the docket tomorrow night and early next week. 

"They will be strong enough to produce pockets of heavier precipitation," she said. "The main difference is it won't be severe or as strong as in the summer."  

Once the meteorological winter rolls around, temperatures are expected to plummet but more than normal thanks to a third straight La Niña.

"A cooler than normal winter with a higher than normal snowfall for the Rocky Mountains and mountain parts so a little bit away, but it typically does mean that colder than normal winter," she said.