For the third-straight year the Slow Down and Move Over rally was held in and around Swift Current yesterday.

Highlighting the dangers that personnel who operate on roadsides face, the rally was started in 2017 after tow truck driver Courtney Schaefer died while working on a highway near Esterhazy.

Cindy Remple, an owner of Low Cost Towing in Swift Current, said that when it comes to the safety of those in her profession, the law is clear in how it looks to protect them.

"They see somebody on the side of the highway, whether it be a tire company, or a tow truck, or the RCMP, or fire department, the law is to slow down and move over, so this is the awareness for that, to try and get people to understand the importance of making sure that we all get home at night."

Gull Lake's fire department along with Swift Current's and paramedics were all participating in the rally as well.

Remple said that in some situations they are on scene with the emergency responders.

With participation from the fire departments and paramedics, she said that she hoped they would draw more attention to the rally, along with its new location.

"With all of us getting together this way, it kind of just brings the awareness to the public a little bit more. The last couple years we did it at the scales, this year we decided 'let's move it a little bit closer to the city, a lot of people don't know we're doing it that don't get out of town' so this way it brings the awareness to a few more people."

Following the passing of Darrell James Morrison, a volunteer firefighter who was struck by a vehicle on a highway while responding to a crash near Rosetown in November, Remple said that this was a grim reminder that the rally is still needed.

Speaking on the fact that weather may have been a factor in that fatality, Remple said that driving according to conditions is a must.

"We all have lights. If the weather is so bad that you can't see, you need to slow down that much more. The law is to slow to 60. If somebody is getting killed out there, firefighter, a tire guy, a tow truck driver, people are going too fast. Obviously, they aren't slowing to 60 if they're killing someone."

Remple said that the rally was also occurring in Pense, Regina, Saskatoon, and Assiniboia.

An issue close to her heart, Remple said that she does not want to lose a loved one of her own to a reckless driver.

"There are dads out here, there are kids out here, my husband and my son both work and drive tow truck, I want them home every night. Everybody should just obey the law. Let's just slow down."

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