The Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA) celebrated their first anniversary earlier this week.

They held a press conference in the province's capital on Tuesday to review some of the work they've been able to accomplish since combining 12 health regions into one, which formed the SHA last winter.

SHA CEO Scott Livingstone said they've been working hard to get the whole province's health care on the same page, something he believes the 12 regions weren't on.

"As we looked into the operations of organizations we found more variation than I think we originally thought we would find," he said. "So it's a bigger challenge for us bringing that together, but at least we brought that so far within the first year, brought that to light, and are working hard to bringing standards across the province. A good example would be policies, we've inherited 14,000 corporate policies."

Livingstone also expressed he was pleased that they've created positions so every part of the province had a voice at the table.

"Those partners represent three different areas of the province," he said. "We have of course Saskatoon and Regina which is our urban area, we have our rural areas in the southwest and the southeast, and then the north. The thing that our organization structure does is it gives the north the same exact representation it does the rest of the province."

The SHA was unsure of how many jobs had been lost due to the amalgamation but they did say they'd saved roughly $9.7 million in staffing costs within the first year.

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