This weekend, the lanes were packed with bowlers, supporters, and well-wishers for SaskAbilities Ability Bowl. 

The Social Bowl was the place to be on Saturday as SaskAbilities saw teams comprised of their members and supporters come together to compete in a light bit of bowling.

The fundraising done by the teams, and through the 50/50, saw them pull together just a little over $66,000. That money will go back into Camp Easter Seal, SLYP Out, and the Summer Fun Program. 

Helping steer the course for the day was Jenny Dyck, the community relations coordinator for SaskAbilities. She could be seen offering help to those coming into the event, as well as ensuring that everyone was in the right lane. 

"Thank you to the community, sponsors and participants for their support of SaskAbilities Ability Bowl," said Dyck, "and for making it a success once again this year. We're very happy with today, and it was a lot of fun."

Jayda and Jenny in purple shirts, standing together. Jayda Watson and Jenny Dyck, sporting the t-shirts everyone wore during the event. 

After everyone was organized and ready to bowl, teams were able to knock out ten rounds of regular bowling for a game. 

After that, the fun went up a notch as the fun bowl began. During the fun bowl, single members from each team took to the lane, competing against the other team's representative. The challenges were things like bowling backwards, through the legs of another teammate, and with eyes closed. 

The winner of each round was gifted a small prize, and then the next challenge would begin. 

"They are our fundraising champions," said Dyck about the teams. "They're out there fundraising for SaskAbilities. We bring them to the Social Bowl, where we do some bowling and collect those pledges."

After the day was done and every shift of teams had come through for the day, it was time for the after-show. 

The afterparty at the Living Sky Casino Event CentreFolks beginning to fill out the Living Sky Casino event centre for the after party. 

The event centre at the Living Sky Casino was packed with everyone from every team as they came out for a burger bar and to watch a live performance by Bakersfield on the stage. 

"We wanted to do a banquet and thank everyone for all of the efforts that they have put in to fundraise for us," said Dyck. "We followed [the burger bar] up with our prizes presentation."

The top ten fundraisers were able to win some prizes for their charitable efforts, one of which was a brand-new television. 

By the end of the day, everyone who came out managed to leave with a smile as the AbilityBowl achieved its main objective; sharing the fun between the SaskAbilities members and their friends. 

Jayda Watson, the acting regional director for SaskAbilities, thanked everyone who made the day possible, from those who helped run the show to the sponsors who funded the day. 

The major sponsors for this year were ACT Swift, Claas Canada West Harvest Centre, SIGA, The Social Bowl, Scotiabank, Bowditch Productions, The RM of Webb, SGI, Signs n' Such, and TD Bank.