The southwest is looking forward to the reopening of a collection of historic Canadian National trains located in the Town of Eastend. 

The Super Continental was mainly used throughout the 1950s and contains some passenger coaches and equipment from as late as the mid-60s.

Gary Southgate, owner of the Super Continental, is excited for community members to experience the scenic route around Eastend and the River Valley area. 

"It's around 70 years old so we're just trying to replicate what would've taken place 70 years ago," he said. "We're not trying to go up the track fast or anything, it's more the experience and to look at the scenery."

Southgate notes that they hope to have the three-quarters of a century-old train up and running sometime next month.

"They've been used occasionally, just to move from where they were in storage," he added.

A number of the train cars were previously part of the Okanagan Valley Wine Trail in B.C. before Southgate purchased the trains in 2015.

"We're going to be working from Shaunavon and Eastend towards Consul, we're doing it with Great Western, a short line company out of Assiniboia," Southgate concluded.

Anyone interested in more information can visit Eastend Scenic Rail Tours on Facebook or email