It appears as though some local businesses are still in the giving spirit even after the holidays as the Swift Current SPCA received some welcomed help recently. 

Amy Dixon, Operations Manager for the SPCA provides details. 

"Len's Plumbing & Heating did everything for the plumbing that we needed for the new machines. We were only set up for one washer, and one dryer but with Voth's help we did get a second set. So, we now have two sets of stackable washers and dryers which is going to come in very handy with the amount of laundry we have to do."

Dixon adds that Alexander Electric came forward to help with the electrical side of things as did Bartel & Gibson who provided the materials. 

According to Dixon the process of the donation began when Len's Plumbing & Heating initially had come to repair the equipment they had. When they began to discuss the cost of the repair and replacement the idea came together to approach and work together with some other local businesses to help out the SPCA. 

Dixon stresses the importance of donations like this. 

"We are a non-profit. We are based on sole donations from the community really that help us run our building. Our building does come at a substantial cost a year to keep afloat. So those donations from communities and just the general public that keep us going are so needed and we are so thankful for everything."

In addition, she says that when businesses come along and make donations where the cost is not coming out of their pockets this enables them to put more money towards the needs of the animals. 

Dixon wishes to thank all of these businesses and the community for always helping out when there is a need.