Valve Cover Racing was a hot ticket last Saturday, lighting up the track at Chrome in Cadillac. 

Utilizing the Valve Cover Race trailer provided by the Excellerators Car Club, 16 individuals raced their homemade valve cover racers for the honour, prestige, and fun of it. 

Officiating the races after he himself was eliminated was Rayce Shultz, a co-founding member of the Rogue Cruisers. He enjoyed watching the racers, both young and old, show off their creations. 

"All these [people] have fun and enjoy themselves while they're racing their valve covers that they worked so hard to build," said Schultz.

A valve cover racer is pretty much as it sounds. Take a valve cover off an engine, strap in a homemade chassis and wheels, and make sure it weighs a little under ten pounds. 

The goal is to race down the track, crossing the finish line first. Being that it's sloped, it's all up to the angle of the drop and the valve cover racer's ability to roll in a straight line. There is no way to steer these speedy auto parts, so good aim is key. 

Another factor is the 'Christmas Tree' or simply 'The Tree'. A mounted series of lights that count down from yellow lights to green. The idea is to avoid 'red lighting' by timing your press of the valve cover racer release mechanism just right. 

"You're supposed to leave on your green light," said Schultz. "If you leave too early, it's an automatic disqualification."

The Chrome in Cadillac bracket of 16 racers was won by Dekkar Horn, who was running a fully painted valve cover racer, which was quick enough to win even if it was a little less than perfectly straight running down. 

If anyone would like to run their own homemade valve cover racer, they can do so this Wednesday at the annual Wheel n' Wednesday in Shauanvon. The Excellerators Car Club eagerly awaits anyone who wants to learn the art of racing their engine parts.