Swift Current Ride for Dad is up and away, rumbling through the southwest raising awareness for prostate cancer. 

Many of these riders have raised hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the years, but few have had the sweeping success as one rider from Lucky Lake. 

This year, Swift Current Ride for Dad is joined again by David Jessiman, one of the top 15 fundraisers across Canada. In the last ten years, he has raised a little over $92,000 for Ride for Dad.

David Jessiman, who after 10 years of Ride for Dad has raised close to $10,000 for each of those years. David Jessiman, who after 10 years of Ride for Dad has raised close to $10,000 for each of those years. 

He attributes his devotion and drive to raise the money to his late father. 

"My dad had prostate cancer and it was detected too late to really do much about it, so that's kind of the trigger," said Jessiman. "Plus, I deal with a lot of guys that are fighting the battle."

Jessiman has found success in the connections he has made in his community and across Saskatchewan. He still lives in Lucky Lake and is the former owner of the Midwest Agro Ag Retailer.

"I got a lot of contacts and a lot of people through my work and my business that I used to have," said Jessiman. "I count on them every year."

He encourages people to contact others, to write a letter and email it out. Explain why you are fundraising and share your story. Raising money through community, Jessiman hopes to reach the $100,000 mark this year. 

"It's so simple," said Jessiman. "Write up a letter and send it out via e-mail. It doesn't take long to do."

Jessiman participates in both the Swift Current Ride for Dad to Eastend, along the 400 kilometres of open country, as well as later joining in on the Saskatoon Ride for Dad. 

"It's just a nice run and you get to see some nice country," said Jessiman. "I can't say enough good about the Eastend lunch. It's always excellent."

If anyone would like to donate, simply head over to the Ride for Dad website, select Swift Current or any other group, and donate any amount you are comfortable committing to the fight against prostate cancer.