There's a new face over at the Swift Current Fire Department who may be familiar to a few around town.

Dean Diguer, the deputy chief of prevention for the Swift Current Fire Department, arrived in town and got to officially great Swift Current city council last night.

During his introduction, he made it clear he was happy to be working and living in Swift Current, where he is originally from.

"It's good to be home," said Diguer. "It's nice to be close to family and nice to be back in a familiar workspace."

Diguer was previously working up in Yellowknife, serving as the territorial government's Assistant Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Officer. His work history is actually a bit of back and forth between Yellowknife and Swift Current. Initially, he began firefighting in Swift Current, only to move to Yellowknife to continue his work for eight years. Then, he returned home and rejoined the Swift Current Fire Department for four years before accepting the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management Officer role back in Yellowknife. Finally, he is back home once again, with no plans to go anywhere any time soon.

Diguer expects things to go smoothly in Swift Current, compared to what he termed as the 'wild west' setting of Yellowknife.

"The prevention and inspection programs and a lot of things that fall on my plate at the department are pretty well established and have been pretty successful," said Diguer. "So, really, I just want to focus on keeping them that way."

Diguer was welcomed by council, some of whom remembered him growing up in Swift Current and others from his previous roles at the Fire Department. For Diguer himself, he noted that the city has changed since he was last here.

"I'm definitely seeing some new construction since I was here," remarked Diguer. "Some of the which were being built when I left. It looks like the city is growing. A few new faces at the hall and a number of familiar faces there as well. It's exciting to be back."