The Alzheimer's Society of Saskatchewan is looking for some motivated individuals to step up to the plate. 

The Alzheimer's Society has two vacant seats on its board of directors. They are hoping to have applicants step up and fill the position before too long, with bright ideas and visions for the group. 

The previous two members maxed out at six years. The bylaws of the Alzheimer's Society stipulate that after six, they must take a minimum of a two-year break from the role. 

Encouraging folks to reach out if interested is Alzheimer's Society of Saskatchewan CEO, Joanne Bracken. 

"Specifically this year, we're looking for people with accounting, business, and finance backgrounds," said Bracken. "Of course, an understanding of governance and strategic planning is always a priority."

Another big credential for the board applicants will be a background in human resources. Bracken commented that as Saskatchewan is becoming more diverse, the face of dementia is changing. Because of that, they are looking to incorporate people from diverse communities to provide their insights and leadership. 

More than anything else, they are looking for people with open minds and far-stretching visions. 

"Many of our board members are personally affected by dementia and they really want to help create and improve the lives of people with dementia," said Bracken. "The ability to think strategically about where we need to go and what we need to do so that we can build that better future for people living with dementia."

People can submit their applications online, and send them to  They can also call 1-800-263-3367. The close date for applicants is March 22.