With the fall colours creeping in, so too are the creeping spirits of Halloween. 

In that vein, the SWT Lyceum Theatre was happy to host Dead Prairies Productions for a free Mystery B Horror Movie Night. 

Setting things up with the Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake was Devon Oman, owner-operator of Dead Prairies Productions. As southwest Saskatchewan's premier horror enthusiast and producer, he was excited to bring people in for a fun night of B-grade horror-filled fun. 

"It was one of my favourite zombie movies," shared Oman. "I won't be able to say the title, because that makes it the more mystery thing and I'm hoping to do another one in the future." 

A Dead Prairies Productions banner in the main lobby at the SWT Lyceum Theatre. A Dead Prairies Productions banner in the main lobby at the SWT Lyceum Theatre. 

Oman was thrilled with the turnout, buying large popcorn for the first five people in the door. His eagerness to spread the joys found within the scary side of cinema has earned him quite a reputation. Now, other horror fans tend to come out when they hear Oman say an event will be a fun, horror-filled night. 

"It was a cool little die-hard group that came out for it," said Oman. "People seemed to enjoy the film. A lot of them haven't seen the film before, so it's a new thing for them."

Events like these help to support the SWT Lyceum Theatre, which is still seeking donations to fund its planned renovations. The rebuild of their front entryway will see modernized bathrooms, and accessibility for wheelchairs and other mobility-related devices more readily implemented.

The SWT Lyceum Theatre, in Gull Lake. (photo by Hayden Michaels)The SWT Lyceum Theatre, in Gull Lake. (photo by Hayden Michaels)

"Talking to Cole [Girodat] from SWT Lyceum Theatre, he's up for other ideas, and the board's down for other ideas to make some money for their theatre," said Oman. "Because they're going through renovations [...] early next year

They will also use the money from events like this to rework other aspects of the front end, like the concession area. Other work will include expansion into the currently disused neighbouring structure, vastly expanding their offices and lobby area. 

"They're all volunteer-based pretty much," said Oman. "So every little dime and looney and tooney and all that helps."


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