Experiments, tests, and learning were all present at the Swift Current Museum this week.

Wrapping up yesterday, the University of Regina EYES program saw kids come in during the February break to learn and experience the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

At different stations, kids learned about different aspects of those disciplines, getting to experiment, construct, and replicate various exercises. 

Education and Program Coordinator for the Swift Current Museum, Carla Rokochy, was thrilled to see over 100 kids come in and experience the workshop.

Corla Rokochy. Corla Rokochy, Education and Program Coordinator for the Swift Current Museum.

"There are some students that came for just a quick visit and didn't realize the program was on and jumped right in," said Rokochy. "And there's other ones that came specifically because they're interested in the STEM portion."

At one of the stations, kids were constructing their own moon rovers. Using pipe cleaners, and red solo cups, and cd's, they assembled a lunar buggy of their own design. Their designs were even expected to collect mock samples. 

The assembly line allowed for plenty of creativity in the rovers layouts. The assembly line allowed for plenty of creativity in the rovers layouts. 

"It's a lot of fun," said Rokochy. "They're using tablets and experiencing the rover picking up objects."

EYES has come to town before. Fairview School hosted them previously, with a larger, more in-depth program during that iteration. This smaller run of the program was thrown together at the request of the museum.

While the program is done, Rokochy is confident that there is a good chance it will be back in the future. She highlighted how this workshop came at zero cost for the Museum.

"It was covered by their grant," explained Rokochy. "The hotel, the meals, the mileage, everything was covered, so we took advantage of this free program."

If anyone would like to catch the EYES program next time it's in town, follow the Swift Current on social media to stay in the know about all of its great programs.