It's been revealed that some individuals disregarded the barriers put in place during the tragic Highway Four collision on Wednesday.

RM of Swift Current Fire Department Fire Chief, Louis Cherpin, was working on the scene Wednesday, responding to the fatal collision between a semi-truck and a car.

While RCMP and EMS worked on examining the scene and responding to the people involved, the RM of Swift Current Fire Department set up barricades, closing all lanes on Highway 4 south of Swift Current, about a kilometre outside city limits.

"Due to the nature of the incident, we did traffic control, set up both grid roads to move the traffic around the incident," elaborated Cherpin. "When the time came, we also did some road debris clean up."

While firefighters blocked the road with an entire firetruck, some people ignored them and drove around them and through the incident.

"Some said 'I thought we can go through' or comments like that," shared Cherpin. "In reality, you know when the barricades are set up, it's for a reason."

Cherpin understands that some people travel the highway every day and that some may have a destination up the road. His crew was redirecting traffic around the incident, providing an alternative route.

"A few people that did come out to the scene probably to have a look and stuff like that," said Cherpin. "But those are extreme conditions."

Folks are reminded that these are serious incidents, and not spectacles to be casually viewed out of curiosity. Instead of driving out to have a look and take photos, it's best to stay away and leave emergency crews to do their jobs.