Scholarships are continuing to help out students in southwest Saskatchewan. 

One of the latest to be given a chance to pursue higher education through the Saskatchewan Agriculture Student Scholarship is Katherine Andree. She has decided to use that money, $2,000, to help her pursue an education in agricultural management at the University of Old Alberta. 

"I'm very honoured and privileged to have been one of the winners of the scholarship," said Andree. "Especially since it is in my home province, and that they recognize the value of agriculture, specifically in the beef industry."

In order to qualify for this scholarship, Andree had to prepare and submit a video that was three minutes long. In that video, she discussed the topic of environmental sustainability through the beef industry. 

"[Containing the video to three minutes], that's really hard to do when you're so passionate about it," said Andree. "Especially on the topic of environmental sustainability."

She discussed how it's important for cattle to habitat on grasslands and how beef producers are making efforts to uphold sustainability. 

Andree has long known that this is the field she wishes to enter the workforce with. She has been planning her courses since the 10 grade in order to end up in a position where she can impact the agriculture scene in a positive manner. 

"I want people to know that agriculture is a huge part of everybody's lives, whether you're the person who buys the groceries, who lives in the city, you're still part of the agriculture industry to some extent," stated Andree. "That's something that really sparked the fire and the need to go into agriculture. To make that known and to help people understand that."