Swift Current’s Bella Brave is finally experiencing life to its fullest since receiving a life-saving transplant last summer, taking her first ever family vacation to Disneyland recently. 

The 10-year-old Swift Current resident even got to meet long-time internet friend Halsey during the same trip. 

Kyla Thomson, Bella’s mother, said the friendship between her daughter and the three-time Grammy nominated popstar blossomed in 2021. 

“Halsey messaged me on Instagram after she had seen a TikTok Bella made,” she said. “She wanted to send Bella a care package, learning she was listed for a bowel transplant, and understanding what she's been through at such a young age.” 

From rooting her on through private messages to sending gifts and packages, Halsey has been a light through Bella’s medical journey for years. 


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The Without Me singer has her own extensive health history that bonded the two on a deeper level, but they connect over art and music as well.  

During the Thomsons’s trip to California, they met up with the popstar for a day. They had long conversations and even dreamed up a future band with their first single Heartbreaker

The pair already plan to spend more time together in the future. 

“[Halsey] reiterated quite a few times, ‘I really want Bella to know this is not the only time I want to see her,’” said Kyla. “She's like, ‘I really want us to hang out again. I want to bring you on stage, I want to take you on a trip, please know this is not going to be the only time we hang out.’ I think that was really special.”