Pet lovers will want to keep up with the City of Swift Current's new updated Animal Control Bylaw. 

During last night's Swift Current city council meeting, an amendment to the Animal Control Bylaw was brought forward for notice of the council's intention to change the rules for fees, Animal Control Officers, and even exotic and prohibited animals. 

Jackie Schlamp, city clerk for the City of Swift Current, brought forward the proposed changes to city council at last night's bi-weekly meetings. 

"The updated Animal Control Bylaw combines the current Animal Control Bylaw, Dangerous Animal Bylaw, and The Cities Act," announced Schlamp.

The original Animal Control Bylaw was created in 2003. The idea behind combining the three separate regulations is to comb out some conflicts between them. In specifics, the conflicts reflect in the violations and enforcement of dangerous animals. 

"Increased fines are intended to discourage contravention of the Bylaw," said Schlamp. "While licensing fees now reflect rates comparable with other cities."

Licesning fees, under the proposed amendment, would help with SPCA services and operations, and to support the the Swift Current Dog Park. A small amount, $2, from each dog license issued will go directly to the park. 

"The updated licensing rates will be reflected on any new license and for existing licenses when due for renewal," included Schlamp.