The City of Swift Current is holding off on adjusting the Residential Solid Waste Collection Rate. 

Currently, the rate is set at $10.50 per month per household. That amount has been in place since 2020, with council approving to continue that rate for the time being. 

Presenting this at Swift Current city council last night was Keegan Story, manager of environmental services for the City of Swift Current. He attributed the stray of a fee raise to the ongoing robust performance of the Solid Waste Utility. 

"At this time, rates are proposed to remain unchanged at...," said Story. "Rates will be reviewed on an annual basis and increases will take place as deemed necessary."

This program is also offset by landfill disposal fees, or tipping fees, that are charged to residents when they use the landfill. 

The change that was made at city council was to reflect the existing rate in the Solid Waste Bylaw No. 5 - 1993. Council passed the affirmative on giving notice to the public, of their intention to make an amendment to the Bylaw, incorporating 'Schedule "A"'.


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