The City of Swift Current will be breaking ground with a new piece of equipment within the next year.

The City has ordered a new Digger Derrick truck. This piece of equipment is used to dig out post holes for things like power poles. 

This new truck will be a 2024 Altec Digger Derrick, replacing the old 2005 GMC E3 Derrick Digger. 

Presenting this matter to Swift Current city council was the General Manager of Infrastructure and Operations, Mitch Minken. 

"Due to electronic issues that occur intermittently and are deemed unsolvable by the manufacturer," began Minken. "The Existing E3 Digger Derrick truck has become unreliable as Light and Power's main unit and is due for replacement."

This newer model will be built on a Freightliner M2 106 chassis. It will be equipped with an Altec DM47B 47' Digger Derrick. The truck is being assembled by Altec Industries, of Winnepeg Alberta. 

"The recommendation [for the purchase] is based on the lowest pricing and best value to the City," said Minken. "And has the added benefit of being the same manufacturer as the bucket trucks in the fleet, reducing maintenance and inspection costs."

Cost-wise, the truck will eat up a little over $360,000 of the $400,000 budgeted for this expense.