In an effort to comply with regulations, the City of Swift Current is spending over $154,000 on new electrical transformers.

Due to the regulations for end of use by Dec. 31, 2025, for all equipment and products containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) set by The Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999, the City has been forced to go through some of its existing equipment and products. 

One of the more important inventories kept by the City of Swift Current is its supply of electrical transformers. These not-in-use transformers are kept in reserve in the event that an active unit fails, wears out, or otherwise needs to be replaced. 

Presenting the matter of the purchase of transformers not containing PCBs was the Director of Light and Power for the City of Swift Current, Darryl Tunall. 

"The current lead time for single-phase transformers is 40-42 weeks," said Tunall. "Which, without delays, would place the delivery in early 2025."

The City will be purchasing 30 pole-mount single-phase transformers from PTI Transformers, which is based out of Regina. 

When the City sent out a Request for Quote, they got three offers back for both 50 kVA and 15 kVa transformers, asking for 15 of both. They received three quotes for the requested items, ranging from $5,996 to $10,156 for the 50 kVa units, and ranging from $3,726 to $7,571 for the 15 kVa units. 

"All three suppliers me the required specifications," said Tunall. 

PCBs are both detrimental to the environment, while also being hazardous to human health. The goal is to completely remove them from working circulation by the end of 2025, improving health and safety across Canada.