The Lyceum Theatre in Gull Lake is where many smiles have been shared.

It makes sense that's why a comedy night fundraiser would be such a big hit for the non-profit.

Drawing in folks from across the region, they raised around $5,000 for their theatre revitalization project, helping push them further toward their goal of $270,000.

Cole Girodat, the manager of the Lyceum Theatre, ran the event for the night.

"We're just hoping to raise a little money to get one step closer to our fundraising goals so we can modernize our theatre," said a humble Girodat.

The ever-funny Kelly Taylor performed the jokes that drew in the fundraising ticket buyers. Having been born and raised in Saskatchewan, his particular brand of comedy struck more than a chord with the crowd as his set played the room for many uproarious laughs.

"[Taylor] was pretty highly recommended," praised Girodat. "A lot of people in the area have gotten him. Our chairman went and contacted him and it just so happened that he had another show in the area, so it was pretty easy to book him."

One of his most relatable jokes of the night was about how growing up in a Saskatchewan household, "Tupperware" was usually nothing more than an old margarine container with four rubber bands holding the top on. Matching lids were optional.

Hilarity wasn't the only draw for the night. They also had silent auctions with various donated goods up for grabs. The hungry members of the audience could purchase sausage, while the thirstier components were able to get themselves a selection of drinks.

Overall, it was a successful evening for the fundraiser, which also saw a significant announcement from the theatre and the Southwest Terminal. Check back tomorrow for the update on that development.