Students of artistic talent are the propagators of the gallery installation at the West Wing Gallery in Swift Current. 

Located in Kinetic Park, this display showcases these student's talents, their growth, and their ability to uniquely interpret the world around them. 

Many of these pieces are from class units, but each is an individual approach to the subject, with its own approach to the execution of the assignment. 

In total, there are 150 pieces from 75 artists. 

Swift Current Comprehensive High School Art Teacher, Mandy Herrick, was proud of the effort and time her students devoted to these pieces, and their blossoming talents. 

Mandy Herrick, art teacher for the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. Mandy Herrick, art teacher for the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. 

"Whether the projects come easy or not to them, it's a lot of work," said Herrick. "Especially large pieces that can be displayed."

Herrick was eager to celebrate all the students who participated in this year's programming, She highlighted how students in their special needs program are being featured. The inclusivity of art is something that helps unify the students and brings them closer through the process. 

She also was glad to be celebrating artists with the gallery. It gives them a kind of celebration that is more often reserved for the more conventional clubs, teams, and hobbies. 

"We don't get a lot of opportunity to celebrate artists," noted Herrick. "It's not like when you play on a sports team and it's like every weekend your parents can watch you."

If people would like to see the artwork in person, the gallery is open to the public. If anyone would like to purchase a particular piece for their own collection, Herrick would be happy to connect them with the student who created it. 

"If you reach out to the school, I will put you in contact with any students who would be willing to sell their work," said Herrick. "I'm sure some of them would be thrilled."