With concern over speeding in school zones, the school community of Gull Lake recently reached out to CAA Saskatchewan to complete a school zone safety assessment. 

The assessment took place on November 16 with the help of staff from the Town of Gull Lake, Swift Current Rural RCMP, volunteers, and the CAA Assessment App. 

Angel Blair, Senior Communications Specialist with CAA Saskatchewan provides more details on the app. 

"The goal of the app is to provide education and awareness of the importance of school zone safety. The assessment tool is an app that you download on your phone. It's free of charge and you can book that through CAA."

Blair says that once the results are collected, they are then given to the school community which can then share with staff, students, and community partners. 

Blair reveals the assessment results.

"We did find that the top driving hazard or risky behavior was speeding. The other ones were failing to stop or yield and failing to signal to turn."

In addition, a number of risky pedestrian behaviors were also observed including jaywalking and failing to look both ways before crossing the street, according to Blair. 

Motorists and pedestrians are reminded to obey the speed limits, follow the traffic laws and ensure they are not distracted when picking up or dropping off kids. 

When talking about school zone safety, it's the job of everyone to help make the school zone the safest place it can be, says Blair.