Charges have been laid against the three individuals caught in a high-speed pursuit on southwestern Saskatchewan's busiest highway earlier this week.  

Twenty-seven-year-old Ricky Vidnes, 29-year-old Nicholas Langille, and 21-year-old Teegan Austin. All three are residents of Medicine Hat and were arrested earlier this week.

Crown Prosecutor at the Swift Current Provincial Court, Greg Lee, shared a look into the charges being pressed against them, along with some other information.

"When they were arrested, there wasn't a whole lot of information the police provided in terms of reports and things like that," said Lee. "We needed more time to gather that information and give that information to the defence lawyer. Friday is ostensibly set for a bail hearing."

All three are being jointly charged with possession or the carrying of a prohibited weapon or device for a purpose dangerous to the public peace.

"Being bear spray," clarified Lee. "Which is section 88 of the Criminal Code."

The trio are also charged with the possession of mail from various individuals, that is under section 356 sub one sub-B, along with the possession of ammunition without a license to possess it, contrary to section 92 sub two of the Criminal Code.  

Langille is being charged with an additional count of breaching a release order to not have any weapons. Additionally, he faces charges for failing to comply with a condition of a release order to not possess any ammunition, breaking and entering with intent to commit an indictable offence, covering his face with intent to commit an indictable offence, for possession of a stolen vehicle over $5,000, for possession of break-in instruments, for mischief by damaging a truck under $5,000, and finally for stealing a motor vehicle.

Austin is facing a charge for possession of a stolen truck under $5,000. The 21-year-old also is being charged with possession of a stolen utility trailer under $5,000, and another charge for possession of stolen gas under $5,000.

Vidnes, who is on warrant and has charges in Medicine Hat and other locations, is being charged with possession of a stolen truck under $5,000, and another for possession of a stolen utility trailer under $5,000. He is charged with breaking a release order to remain under curfew as well.

They also all face various vehicle theft allegations and are suspects at this time in various vehicle theft incidents.

"I can't say too much about that as we haven't proven that yet, but they are charged with stealing a number of vehicles," said Lee.  


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