Dairy King helped to make dreams come true over the weekend, aiding The Dance Studio of Swift Current in its fundraiser to dance the magic at Disneyland. 

Eighteen young dancers continue to fundraise for the trip of a lifetime, hoping to dance in Disneyland’s Merry Holiday Parade coming up this winter. The most recent fundraiser took place at Dairy King. 

Kara Spur, a board member of the parent fundraising committee, helped to organize the fundraiser. 

“We've had a great amount of support from the community sponsoring the trip, and we're very thankful for the local businesses that have given monetary donations,” Spur expressed. “We reached out to Dairy King trying to find local places to support them and have them run a fundraiser for us... we thought it was a good opportunity and Dairy King was keen to jump on board and work with us.” 

The studio had dancers there with parents on shifts from 3 to 7 p.m., sharing their hopes of dancing in Disneyland in California. According to Spur, the cost is roughly $5,000 to $6,000 per dancer, with 18 dancers signed up for the performance. The company in contact with the studio is called Dance the Magic, which employs professional choreographers to help the athletes perform flawlessly. 

“They are very excited, it's a great opportunity for them,” explained Spur. “They've been doing lots of work fundraising, and soon they'll start learning choreography and getting their stamina up to be able to dance the whole parade route.” 

The fundraising continues this weekend, as the studio’s crew are having their fourth bottle drive. If people have recycling they want to donate or have picked up, they can contact the committee at tdsscfundraising@gmail.com.