Saskatoon's Dark Bridges Film Festival will feature a Swift Current horror film next weekend.

Dead Prairies Productions announced last week that Killer Balloon made the cut to be shown during the three-day event that originated in 2009.

Owner and Operator of Dead Prairies Productions Devon Oman has been attending the event for the last few years and used to dream of his films making the movie lineup.

"To have that become a reality is just mind-blowing for all of us involved with this movie," he said. "It's so impressive to actually be involved with Dark Bridges in Saskatoon."

The movie recently won a Golden Tape Award from Terriblefest 666 and has received a lot of praise from viewers. Oman said those two things played a big factor in submitting the 2022 film for the festival.

"This is the first time ever being in Saskatoon for a Dead Prairies Productions movie," he said. "I'm excited to see the reactions of people. I hope [lots] of people come out with big support from people all over Saskatchewan."

Some of the cast along with Oman will be travelling to Saskatoon to watch the movie on the big screen on June 3 for the 6 p.m. showing. They'll be doing a Q&A afterward with the audience.

"I hope to see a lot of people come out for it because this could open a lot more doors for Dead Prairies Productions," he said. "It could put Swift Current on the spotlight for more films."

Killer Balloons is one of 13 films that Dark Bridges will be showing between June 2-4.