Late Sunday night, an incident occurred on 10th Avenue North East in Swift Current.

Nobody was injured or accosted, but one home had its basement flooded after a section of the watermain burst.

This wasn't a small section either, as an entire ten-foot section of pipe cracked open along its length, flooding the area rapidly along the 800 block.

Mitch Minken, the general manager of infrastructure and operations for the City of Swift Current, praised his team for their fast response to the issue, being that it was so late.

"Looks like it might have been about 40 minutes from the break to when we got it shut off," said Minken. "Of course, it takes time to get people mobilized and get there and then in the wintertime. You got to get down to the valves and be able to operate them. It certainly takes some time. Actually, it was a pretty good response time for us to get that off, given the time of year and all the circumstances."

The pipe was repaired after close to 12 hours of work, leading to some reconsiderations on previous assumptions regarding those pipes.

Initially, this bit of plumbing was expected to last another year before needing to be repaired. Now, after this dusk deluge, they are planning to replace and repair the watermain to the tune of $1.28 million.

"Like a lot of places with water lines, we're looking towards which ones might require renewal. This one had a few breaks in the past and which led to us considering it for renewal."

This specific section hadn't had a break in a year and a half, so it was likely stable for the time being.

"As fate would have it, we had a break, and it's got us looking at reconsidering what we should do to mitigate that."

Work will begin in the area sometime this coming summer, with rough estimates for the time frame ranging in weeks.