With warmer temperatures in Swift Current, the backyard fire pit season has begun to arrive.

Fire pit owners within the confines of Swift Current are required to purchase a one-time $25 permit under the City's bylaw 16-2016.

Dean Dignuer, the deputy chief of prevention with the Swift Current Fire Department, said the pits must be non-combustible construction and covered with a metal screen with holes no larger than a half inch.

"Only charcoal, cut seasoned wood, or manufactured fire logs are allowed to be burned in them," he said. "No burning of household waste, garbage, dangerous good, anything that generates black smoke or offensive odour.

"As far as the location, 10 feet from any combustible material, property line, and should be clear of any overhanging trees and utility lines." 

Fines by the City can range anywhere from $100 to $500 and can be seen beginning on page 11 of the 34-page document.

Fire Bylaw 2011 (swiftcurrent.ca)