The Living Sky Casino was the perfect place to be a healthcare provider yesterday, with wine, cheese, and inspirational speaking from a renowned author making it a night to remember.  

The Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation has hosted a nurse appreciation event, with some help from a grant donated by the RBC Foundation. Over 125 people attended the soiree, which featured some classy charcuterie boards, along with perfect pairing wines.  

The evening’s entertainment was motivational speaking from an author who has written four books on her philosophy. She is a recipient of the Saskatchewan Women Entrepreneur of the Year award, and a member of the prestigious Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. 

Regina resident Darci Lang has been speaking for 30 years and has often shared her inspiration with Swift Current. 

“I believe we have this big imaginary magnifying glass out in front of us in our lives, and we have a choice of what we focus it on, what I call the 90 per cent,” Lang explained. “It's been a difficult time in healthcare these last few years, there have been a lot of what I call again 10% things we can't control, and these heroes took care of everybody. Tonight is a celebration of them, recalibrating and refocusing on how amazing they were and getting back to a different kind of normal again.” 

A small gift was also given to each attendee; one of Darci Lang’s renowned self-help books, and a plant from Wildflower Florist in Swift Current. The gift bags were presented to the patrons at the end of the evening. 

Crystal Imrie, the communications and development coordinator for the Dr. Noble Irwin Regional Healthcare Foundation, helped to make this first-time event a reality. 

“It's been really good; We have about 125 people here, we did open it up to the public but about 90% are still nurses, so we're really happy to see all of them out,” stated Imrie. “We're so excited at the foundation to have Darcy come and speak to the nurses and have this opportunity to put this on with the RBC Foundation. There's never enough time or money it seems to recognize nurses, so we're so happy we could do this for them.” 

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