Eastend’s T.Rex Discovery Centre will be opening for the season soon, bringing the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus back into the limelight for locals and tourists alike. 

Saturday, May 18 marks the beginning of the attraction’s season, bringing summer tourism into the hills of Southwest Saskatchewan. The T.Rex Discovery Centre is host to a large collection of fossils, skeletons, and dioramas bringing life to the area as it was millions of years ago.  

Jennifer Best, Visitor Experience Supervisor at the T.Rex Discovery Centre says they’re setting up a warm welcome to visitors on opening day. 

“We will have free doughnuts, tea, coffee, and juice, all while supplies last,” explained Best. “Apart from our most popular resident Scotty, which is the largest T.Rex in the world to date, we will also have other prehistoric mammals, dinosaur fossils and marine reptiles like our Tylosaurus, which was discovered in the Lake Diefenbaker area, and is our newest exhibit here at the T.Rex Centre." 

Although much of the museum’s operation will remain the same, they look forward to hosting some new and exciting programs. 

“This year we have our new 2024 children's passport and activity book,” stated Best. “It was very popular last year, so we did make a new one for this year along with our interactive Paleo lab. We will have our usual indoor and outdoor digs, and we will also have a new interactive topography table that adults and children alike can create unique ecosystems on.” 

Photo by Alex Kozroski

Best expects another busy year of visitors, as the weather is likely to permit. She explained that much of the traffic comes from the Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, which shares a tourism draw from multiple provinces. 

The T.Rex Discovery Centre will be open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily all summer, ceasing its seasonal operation on September 2.