For the next week, Swift Current residents are encouraged to consider how prepared they are for an emergency. 

Emergency Preparedness Week begins today and runs until May 11. During this time, both Swift Current Fire Department Fire Chief Ryan Hunter and Marlene Funk, Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Swift Current, is asking people to 'Know the Risks'.

"It's all about providing you with the tools and information necessary to identify and address potential risks in your local area," said Funk. "Ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones."

Funk highlighted three important steps in which everyone should be well versed. Those are understanding your risks, creating an emergency plan, and putting together an emergency kit. 

In the event that someone encounters an emergency, such as a house fire, flood, or other disaster, they should first call 911. Once you have an understanding of your situation and are no longer at immediate risk. 

An emergency kit should contain first-aid elements, blankets, food and water along with a change of clothes, preferably capable of standing up to cold conditions. 

"We've been pushing the 72-hour kit which allows you to take care of yourself and your family for at least three days," said Hunter. "Because if we do have a big emergency, we might not be able to get to your house first. So if you can prepare your family, including your pets, for a 72-hour time frame where you can actually maintain yourself, that takes that stress out of the whole situation."

If anyone has questions about an emergency kit, or about Emergency Preparedness Week, they can reach out to the fire department.