This week, the focus is on emergency preparedness in Swift Current. 

The City of Swift Current offered an official proclamation designating May 7th through 13th as Emergency Preparedness Week after a presentation was delivered during the last city council meeting held on May 1st. 

Presenting to Swift Current city council was Ed Fonger, the occupational health and safety and emergency measures coordinator for the City of Swift Current.

"Emerging Preparedness Week is a national event supported by Public Safety Canada," described Fonger. "It's been an annual event for over 25 years."

The theme for this year is "Be prepared and know your risks".

"We've just seen with the recent flooding and declaration of the state of a local emergency in April of 2023 that the impact of a well-executed emergency plan can set the community at ease and provide an outcome that everyone can live with," provided Fonger. 

With that strong and extremely recent example of how a good premade plan can help navigate emergency situations, everyone is encouraged to plan for their role in an emergency. 

At home, that could mean having appropriate supplies and action plans in place. In the work environment, that could mean knowing the proper procedures in the event of a malfunction or other emergency and taking the necessary steps. 

"We've seen how enacting a plan and dedicating our resources to follow through with that plan prevent potential flood water damages in real-time," Fonger said. 

It also means being on the same page with people included in the plan you make. 

"The Swift Current Fire Department was consistent in its safety messaging warning about the creek's current situation and encouraging the 72-hour kits for low-lying areas in the event of a short notice evacuation," evidenced Fonger. 

One thing that Fonger highlighted was emergency preparedness kits for vehicles. If the weather waylays a traveller on the highway or in the country, having a kit ready could make all the difference between being stranded and struggling to surviving and waiting. 

Folks can check out this website to learn more about emergency preparedness.