Today marks a thrilling milestone in Swift Current's radio landscape as Golden West introduces the highly anticipated Country 94.1, ushering in a new era for country music enthusiasts in the region.

Country 94.1 is set to be the go-to station for lovers of the genre, featuring the biggest names in country music. Golden West, known for its commitment to local news and information, assures listeners that Country 94.1 will seamlessly blend the best of country tunes with Swift Current's choice for local news coverage. 

Morgan Butler, station manager, expressed her excitement about this new venture, stating, "This is something that our audience has asked for for a very long time. Our listeners are going to be so excited, business owners are going to be excited, and it's something that we are just thrilled about."

Butler's enthusiasm reflects the dedication and passion that Golden West brings to this latest addition to Swift Current's radio offerings. 

While Country 94.1 experiences these exciting changes, Golden West is also shaking things up on the CKSW front. This stalwart of local news, sports, and regional voices is undergoing a transformation. CKSW 570 is set to become the home of Saskatchewan's Best Music from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, catering to a broader audience with a diverse range of classic hits. 

Rob Carnie, a Saskatchewan radio legend, will be at the helm of CKSW's morning show, bringing his iconic voice and extensive experience to kickstart the day for Swift Current listeners. Barrie Vice will also host the weekday drive home. 

Brett Adnum, Chief Operating Officer for Golden West, shared his thoughts on these exciting changes, stating, "When you look around at all the local emerging artists and acts that perform at the fairs and festivals in the area, country is always involved, and its popularity continues to soar. Also, CSW 570 and CJSN 1490 are evolving to match our listeners with the music they grew up with all while staying committed to our core local news and information unique to Swift Current and southwest Saskatchewan.

"In fact, with these changes, we've been able to add an additional reporter position to deepen our coverage with the blend of local information and the music that reflects the community," he added. "We couldn't be more excited to see the positive impact this will have on southwest Saskatchewan."

Golden West's commitment to providing top-notch local content remains unwavering, and these adjustments reflect their dedication to evolving with the dynamic preferences of their audience.

As Swift Current tunes in to experience the resonating sounds of Country 94.1 and the revamped CKSW 570, it's evident that Golden West continues to be committed to serving the community.