A false fire alarm went off at the Swift Current Comprehensive High School this morning, evacuating the students and bringing in the fire department.  

The alarm was activated around at 11:08 a.m. by an unusual drop in water pressure in a section of the sprinkler system. The sprinklers were not set off, and the building remains unharmed. After a brief interlude at the designated muster points, students and staff were able to head back inside for their regularly scheduled classes.  

Swift Current Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Dean Diguer arrived on the scene within minutes to ensure all was well.  

“It was just a false alarm system,” assured Diguer. “Just a pressure alarm in the school here, but it's nice to see that everybody did what they're supposed to, and everybody was out of the school when we got here. Now everybody's headed back inside.”  

Diguer stated that their response time was good, and right on par with what they have come to expect. 

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