After having over 100 animals seized from her home in January 2019, Dolores LaPlante will be allowed to have two dogs and one cat returned back to her after her recent court hearing.

LaPlante appeared in Saskatoon court and argued that the grounds of which the search order was obtained by Animal Protection Services Saskatchewan was not adequate.

In the report heard by the judge, animal protection stated that the animals where found in unsanitary living conditions, with several of the animals sick with little food or water.

The judge in this case ruled against LaPlante after reviewing vet reports that indicated many of the animals where suffering from respiratory infections and believed the animals to be living in distress.

This is not the first time LaPlante has appeared in court for failing to provide proper care to animals. In 2011 she was charged with animal neglect after dozens of animals where removed from her home suffering from hydration. Out of those animals, 20 needed immediate medical attention. She plead guilty to these charges in 2013 and was fined $250 but was still allowed to care for animals.